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CatHyg MachWW Det

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7514621 Suma Revoflow Max P1 3x4.5kg

High active soft water detergent, part of the Revoflow system

7521462 Suma Combi LA6 20L

2 in 1 detergent and rinse aid

A2 Suma Unison Clar Rinse Aid 3x4L 7010152

Highly concentrated liquid rinse aid for industrial automatic ware washing and glass washing machines.

A5 Suma Machine Rinse Aid 2x5L 7010160

Concentrated rinse aid for all water conditions

C126 RA2 Rinse Aid 20L

Hard water rinse aid for enclosed machines

G3 Suma Unison Maxi Machine Det 3x4.5kg

High performance machine ware washing detergent specially formulated to provide excellent soil removal in medium hard to hard water conditions.

L4 Suma Special Machine Dishwash Detergent 20L

Dishwashing detergent for medium water hardness conditions

L6L Suma Nova Machine Dishwash Det 5L

Dishwashing detergent for all water types